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To assist in the behavior-based portion of our treatment program, the outpatient program consists of multiple groups which cover every facet of your recovery.   Two primary therapy groups are held weekly which are designed to help you develop improved coping mechanisms, interpersonal skill development, and relapse prevention strategies.


We also have focus groups that address the health risks of addiction, 12-step education, family support, and relapse education. Clients can attend 2-5 times a week.


We also recommend that once a client is discharged from IOP, he or she should participate in an 8-week aftercare group, which meets once per week for 1 ½  hours.

The PACE, Inc. intensive outpatient treatment program provides comprehensive behavior-based treatment and individualized care for alcohol or drug addiction.


The PACE, Inc. outpatient treatment program is custom-tailored to a client's specific personal profile and needs. The length of a client's stay is determined by both behavior and completion of the treatment plan work. We aim to help clients achieve long-term abstinence, so we ask our clients to participate in random urine screenings and breathalyzer testing.


Behavior-based intensive treatment programs

"Pace is a great program to help you stay sober."

- Tyler, Age 19

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Multiple groups cover every facet of your recovery

• Individualized treatment planning

• Weekly treatment team updates

• Family group sessions

• Incorporation of twelve-step principles

• Recommend participation in aftercare

• Relapse therapy

• Individual and family therapy

• Required AA or NA participation

• AM and PM IOP groups for people who

  work day or night shift

Our outpatient programs include:

The PACE, Inc. outpatient therapy program is designed to help you or your loved one successfully regain control from alcohol or drug addiction. Our treatment programs include individual sessions and family therapy. The behavior-based programs we offer encourage patients to advance towards total healing with the help of support they can trust. Call us to make an appointment.

Comprehensive therapy for a successful recovery

Our outpatient therapy program is designed to help you get your life back - and we know that quitting your job makes your life more complicated, not less complicated. That's why we encourage our clients to continue working throughout the duration of their program. Let us help you achieve your goals and put your life back on the right track.  We run AM and PM IOP groups for people who work day or night shift

Don't quit your day job

We take all major insurances including Medicaid